Rush Energy Drink Takes “Made in Ghana” Promotion International

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rushIt is almost impossible to have lived in Ghana without hearing the phrase“Made in Ghana” at one time or the other.

It is so often used that many people have become numb to it and have forgotten what it really represents.

In recent times, especially in light of the worldwide economic crisis, it has quickly become less of a catch phrase, and more of a clarion call as some local industries fully realize the true value of promoting “Made in Ghana” products.

The consumer public took notice, and it was therefore no surprise that many local industries sat up, too. However, while many companies fly this flag, it is often difficult to pinpoint the practical initiatives they undertake to facilitate this agenda.

On Saturday night, anyone watching the European Premier League match between Stoke City and Manchester City, or between Leicester City and Arsenal, may have noticed a refreshing difference among the ads on the perimeter walls around the field. It simply read, “Rush Energy.

Proudly Made in Ghana”. It might seem small, however it is seemingly small
gestures like this that continue to advance the cause of “Made in Ghana” not just at home, but abroad.

Rush energy drink is produced by Twellium Industrial Company Limited, based in Ghana.
Since it began its operations in Ghana on February 28 2014, Twellium has come to be known as a proudly Ghanaian company with a multinational management team.

Twellium brought to the Ghanaian market beverages that have been on the American and European markets for over 30 years as a franchise from the Monarch Beverage Company of Atlanta, USA. The company has the franchise to produce and market the products in the West African Sub­region.

In a statement, the Marketing Director of Twellium, Mr Ali Ajami noted that since its
inception, the company is not just interested in claiming to further the “Made in Ghana”
agenda, but is always seeking practical ways to contribute to the agenda. Mr Ajami went on to say, “Promoting this agenda is a big part of our marketing activities till date. There is much more to come.”

In fact, one could argue that if enough Ghanaian companies did their bit, the ‘Made in Ghana’ agenda could be boosted considerably. After all, as is often said, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.


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