About The SME Network

The SME Network is a flagship project of  The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) aimed at building a vibrant community of SMEs in Ghana and providing them with the requisite business support, advisory services, adequate financing and coaching.

The mission of The SME Network is to be the one-stop destination for the provision of Innovative & Tailor-Made Business Growth Solutions to challenges of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises including but not limited to the following:

  1. Lack of required management skills for sustainable growth & global competitiveness
  2. Lack of adequately skilled labour
  3. Lack of adequate human capital capacity building & motivation
  4. Difficulty in accessing markets and developing lasting & productive relationships with customers
  5. Lack of relevant knowledge and adequate business development support
  6. Lack of Succession Planning & appropriate Leadership
  7. The lack of appropriate technology and low production capacity
  8. Difficulty in accessing finance and obtaining sufficient low-interest credit
  9. Difficulty in establishing international trade partnerships

The SME Network has the following objectives:

  1. To develop products that enable SMEs to reduce cost and maximize profits
  2. To assist SMEs build needed structures to guarantee consistent and sustainable growth
  3. To position SMEs to be financially sound, credit worthy & investment ready to attract the needed financing
  4. To provide SMEs & Entrepreneurs with relevant and needed information
  5. To match investment ready SMEs to available investors and funding sources
  6. To present resourceful & productive networking platforms for SMEs and all
  7. To provide affordable and subsidized business services
  8. To ensure the survival, health & growth of SMEs in Ghana
  9. To provide accessible & practical business advisory & consulting services to SMEs